The Fountainhead

The Fountainhead

Yazar :
Yayıncı : A PLUME BOOK
Yayın tarihi :
ISBN : 0452286751
Sayfa sayısı : 734 sayfa
Kategori : Edebiyat » Roman (çeviri)
Diğer Dildeki Yayınlar » İngilizce


The Fountainhead is a great and challenging novel based on a supreme belief in the rights of the individual.Here is what critics are saying:

"A novel of remarkable vigor and interest...strong, dramatic, everywhere intense and highly articulate...a pleasure to read."
Saturday Review of Literature

"I could sing the praise of this novel in several keys...exciting events...colorful characters...daring...marvelousy clever."
New York Herald Tribune

"You will not be able to read this masterful work without thinking through some of the basic concept of our times...You have to think of The Magic Mountain, you have to think of The Master Builder, when you think of The Fountainhead."
New York Times

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