Long Walk to Freedom

Long Walk to Freedom

Yazar :
Yayıncı : ABACUS
Yayın tarihi :
ISBN : 0349139623
Sayfa sayısı : 768 sayfa
Kategori : Siyaset » Biyografi-Otobiyografi
Diğer Dildeki Yayınlar » İngilizce


The riveting memories of the outstanding moral and political leader of our time,Long Walk to Freedom brilliantly
re-creates the drama of the experiences that helped shape Nelson Mandel'a desting.Emotive compelling and uplifting,
Long Walk to Freedom is the exhilarating.story of an epic life;a story of hardship,resilience and ultimate triumph told
wiht the clarity and eloquence of a born leader.

'Burns with the luminosity of faith in the invincible nature of human hope and dignity...Unforgettable'
Andre Brink

'İt is the style,so typical of the man,which marks this marvellous book as a truly personal work...Superb'
Gerald Kaufman

'Indispensable ...[a] unique life-story'
Antony Sampson

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