Awards of the First International Islamic Artisans

Awards of the First International Islamic Artisans at Work Festival. Lok Virsa - Ircica Craft Awards

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Yayıncı : IRCICA
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ISBN : 929063085X
Sayfa sayısı : 123 sayfa
Kategori : Sanat » Genel
Diğer Dildeki Yayınlar » İngilizce


This album contains an explanation with photos of all the winning entries of the First International Islamic Artisans-At-Work Festival held in Islamabad between 7 and 15 October,1994.

It includes all the winning entries of craftspeople from: Egypt, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Malaysia, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Morocco, Tataristan, China, Azerbaijan, Tunisia along with some more from Pakistan. It includes a set of colored photographs of the winning entries and of the winners in addition to a brief explanation describing the winning product, its weight, materials used, expressions and the message behind the work.

The album represents the craft masterpieces selected out of the craft innovations of 2000 craftspeople in the following categories: Pottery and Ceramics, Colored Glasswork, Miniature Painting, Carpets and Kilims, Textile Weaving, Embroidery, Woodwork, Leather-work, Metalwork and Jewelry, and Architectural Crafts. Evaluations in each category were made according to the following four criteria: Excellence, Creative Concept, Design, and Invention in Traditional Technique.

These selected craft products are considered to be the most innovative craft works made by contemporary craftspeople who exerted every effort to reach excellence in their works.

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